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Many People and businesses have a checklist of their daily activities and things they need to get done. Unfortunately they often procrastinate or feel that some of the larger life decisions are either too far in the future, are too complicated or confusing to complete. Some are simply reluctant to talk about them. At Wealthcare Financial, we are sympathetic and compassionate whatever your reason. We listen to your goals and offer solutions to whatever issue you want to solve. We'll sit down with you and put together a plan that makes sense to you based on your needs analysis.

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Many people in Canada procrastinate in planning their financial future.
It just seems too BIG, or so FAR AWAY. They know that money needs TIME to grow and they should INSURE against risk. But they've heard that insurance is too expensive, or too confusing... There are too many options. What should we do?

Wealthcare Financial

Your checklist for wealth creation and risk management, giving you peace of mind.

Every person and business is different. Different age, different health.
Time of accumulating, then deccumulating.
Most people don't have a written plan of what that looks like.

We focus on the whole person - from youth to senior and how
investing and protecting your family fits together

A focus on only one or the other may leave gaping holes
in the plan or unnecessary doubling up, wasting precious resources.

Retirement Planning

Planning ahead while still young is the best approach to retirement and estate planning.
There are many ways to grow your wealth but not many with guarantees and managed volatility.
We work to establish your risk tolerance and goals for retirement. We then present you with options to grow your money based on your risk experience. Time is truly on your side when growing a portfolio.
The right kind of insurance mixed with the appropriate investment can help with tax planning and probate issues after death. Planning now can put more money in your beneficiaries hands once you are gone instead of the government and lawyers.
Seggregated funds can offer many advantages over other investments because they bypass probate, minimize taxes, and are creditor protected. Ask us about the tax effective savings.

Critical Illness Insurance

It is forecast that one in two people will get some form of critical illness in their lifetime and the majority live through it for many more years.
Should a critical illness strike, get peace of mind that you and your spouse can afford to take time off to heal. Stress is a big contributor to illness, and being able to rest is an important part of healing. This is living insurance that helps protect your wealth and standard of living with a lump sum payout to be used any way you see fit. Ask us about the return of premiums - a no loss solution.

Life Insurance

Managing risk is integral to ensuring ones' survivors are cared for when death comes. We are able to show you when term insurance is appropriate for short term needs and how new hybrid permanent insurance is used for estate planning and passing on wealth generationally.

Insurance for kids is important for guaranteeing their insurability while they are healthy. Then when they get older and needing risk management, they can get it.

Buying only term insurance can be one of the biggest mistakes people make when planning for their needs. Term gets increasingly more expensive with age until it's more expensive than permanent insurance. Coupling term with permanent insurance is a wise use of money and guarantees that money is passed along to your desired beneficiaries. Most term insurance never pays out. Permanent is needed for good estate planning.

New Hybrid forms are bringing the benefits of permanent insurance together with saving/investing components with very competitive pricing. Ask us how...

Disability Insurance

Your most important asset for making money is your ability to work. If that is jeopardized, your standard of living and future goals could be compromised. Ask us about a plan that works for you.

Life Tasks

Articles & Calculators

The Link Between is a great site to get all the latest information on Investments and Insurance with articles and calculators to help you learn and understand your financial world.

Check it out below...

The Link Between

Canadian Legal Wills

We believe Everyone should have a valid up to date WILL!

We recommend you speak to your lawyer about creating one for you.
If that's not possible, here is a link for more information.

Note: We are not affiliated in any way with Canadian Legal Wills. This link is provide purely for eductational purposes.
Should you use them, you do so at your own knowledge and risk.

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Unsure of what to do with your finances and making sure you and your loved ones are taken care of? We would love to listen to your concerns, answer any questions, and offer potential solutions for you to choose from. If one of those makes sense, It would our privilege to be your advisor and help put your plan into action. We are ok with "No's" if it doesn't make sense for you.

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